This course is designed for:​

Flight‐deck crew.


This course in Thunderstorm Avoidance complies with EU‐OPS and ICAO.

This course is divided into 3 sections:

-How to detect and avoid CB
-The weather radar panel

Topics covered
-A closer look at the Cumulonimbus (CB) cloud.
-Upwards/downwards winds and Hail.
-Three ways to avoid CBs.
-Airport weather radar
-The weather radar antenna.
-The weather radar panel in the cockpit and its controls.
-The gain control.
-Look at a typical flight.
-List of recommendations.​

Thunderstorm Avoidance.

Method   CBT, CBT skill test
Sections   3
Questions   40
Duration   0.3 hours
Language   English
Initial training   Yes
Recurrent training  Ye

Thunderstorm Avoidance