​      Certified Online Aviation Training Organisation

                                                                             ATO- CAA /0100

Our Vision.
First class Aviation online training for aviation

To change the world of Aviation Training One user at a time. 

We will do this through High Quality current content that is accessible online any where any time through our online training Platform.

Our Solution.
First class 24/7  aviation training online training

Kershal provides you with a complete online aviation training solution. Our program includes state-of-the-art training and comprehensive testing for your students. Our Platform has multiple built in redundancies with multiple servers situated on different continents. We offer current and certified courses for Aviators and are recognized in 43 different countries.


Courses Provided 
First class 24/7 online aviation training

Not only do we offer first class aviation online training, we compliment that with support that is unparalleled in the training industry, if a student has questions he can call us and get an immediate reply.

Our in depth knowledge of the industry will be available to you.