Method   CBT, CBT skill test
Sections   12
Questions  96
Duration   3 hours
Language   English
Initial training   Yes
Recurrent training  Yes

CRM:- Cockpit Resource Management

This course is designed for:​

Flight Crew, Technicians and Ground Crew.


This course in CRM (Crew Resource Management) complies with EU‐OPS.

This course is divided into 12 sectons:

1.   Introduction.
2.  Understanding the Human Factor.
3.  Human Perception ‐ Situatonal Awareness.
4.  Understanding human error.
5.  Stress ‐ its Causes and Strategies for Coping with it. 
6.  Fatgue and Rest Management.
7.  Automation, the Pros & Cons.
8.  Workload Management.
9.  Culture ‐ Cross Cultural Crew Environment
10.  Pilot Skills ‐ Personal and Leadership.
11.  Safety Culture and Standard Operating Procedures.
12. Communication ‐ is this CRM.